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To Zoanthid Frag Packs - CHOOSE A SIZE Starting at $50
This guy is a complete scam! Do not buy from this seller.
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Disappointed with seller and

I ordered an 8 pack/piece of the zoanthid’s and never got a response for 5 days and sent 3 emails, and 8 chats. I could not get seller or aquariumhub to respond to several emails if they would be able to fulfil the order. However I could see the seller/owner was active on the account….Then after that I was told the items would be shipped on a Monday over a week after I ordered them. They were not. I filed a fraud charge with my bank and two days later I got a notice that the zoanthid’s would be shipped. The seller stated that they were new to this. When I received the zoanthid’s they were covered in green hair algae, two of the zoanthid’s were no longer attached to plugs, and 3 zoanthid’s were placed into bag so I have no idea what ones are what at this point in time. First time and last time I will be using aquariumhub, and Coral2u

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