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180 Gallon Waterbox Aquariums Peninsula



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180 Gallon Waterbox Aquarium Peninsula Tank with Sump! Only 6 months old. I’m Moving out of state in 3 months. So posting now and I Will be getting another Waterbox Aquarium for my new place. Comes with the rail for the lighting, and live sand. The dry rock is 90 lb that was put together by an aquatic specialist. Put together beautifully on both angles that cost me $1,000 alone. If you want cheap then keep looking\. Go on Waterbox Aquariums and see how much this beauty goes for. $3,699 just the TANK! This is your Black Friday DEAL!! No low balling. When you put this in your business room, hallway, living room it’s going to grab a lot of attention! One of the best tanks I’ve ever owned. Talk to you soon !



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